Dependable, Curious,
Organic, Professional

Arbutus Consulting

Founded in 2016 by Brian Enslow, Arbutus Consulting represents the confluence of opportunity and experience. Having spent his entire career in public service Enslow created Arbutus Consulting as a venture which allows him to pursue meaningful work that aligns with his commitment to service and integrity.

Arbutus is uniquely qualified to help the your entity navigate through these uncertain times with integrity, perseverance and intention.

Arbutus has a proven track record of success. Coupled with that success is unmatched experience in state fiscal matters. This experience not only leads to an understanding of the process but a vast network of connections and resources within the Legislature and Executive Agencies.

The work that lies ahead will be difficult, but there is reason to believe that today’s cultural and economic context will unite communities with a common purpose and eliminate barriers to change that have existed heretofore.

As Principal of Arbutus Consulting, Enslow is the primary lobbyist and contact point, and is responsible for the deliverables assigned to this project with the Scope of Work.


Every legislative strategy is unique, and there are many variables that go into a successful legislative campaign that is why Arbutus believes in spending extensive time with clients to better understand their mission and how state government policy and actions impact their operations and costs.

Arbutus Consulting (Arbutus) provides year-round, full scope government affairs services to clients; including lobbying services, government relationships and business development.

Services include but are not limited to:

Advocating at the state and local levels

Assisting with strategic direction

Providing legislative and regulatory advice

Facilitating management planning meetings

Drafting legislation and regulations

Building and activating coalitions

Educating about the legislative and regulatory processes

Building relationships with government agencies and offices at all levels

Providing comprehensive and timely communication on matters of interest


Enslow’s knowledge of the budget process makes him specifically qualified to help clients navigate uncertain financial times.